Welcome to Stick to Stigu!

Welcome to Stick to Stigu! OK, first things first: what or who is Stigu? To be honest we are not quite sure – we don’t even know if ‘it’ is male or female…so let’s dig deeper.

Is Stigu:

  • A Guru? Absolutely not.
  • A therapist? Not that evolved!
  • Perfect? Far from it…
  • Have all the answers? No.
  • A juggler? Absolutely yes.


In short this is a year planner (with a twist). Stick to Stigu is many things in one cover: a planner, an organiser, a calendar, a notebook and a rest & zest handbook. Every month Stigu introduces a new theme, and every week Stigu gives easy to stick to practices that are often fun. Not everything is for everyone. Life would be boring if we were all the same. We all create our own toolboxes by testing and trying stuff that speaks to us. Stigu is here to give us the tools.

Stigu is a juggler, and this planner is for all of us out there juggling. Juggling what? It doesn’t matter: career and sanity, kids and work, creativity and paying the mortgage, or all of them – juggling is possible, and a good plan (plus enough rest and zest) can help. The good news is, to Stick to Stigu you do not have to be: young, fit, thin, sane, clean living, or a genius. You just need to be willing.

So why should you stick to Stigu?

  1. It’s made of Velcro.
  2. It has the texture of a night club floor in the early hours of Sunday morning.
  3. It’s easy to stick to and makes some sense.

Well we very much hope it’s the last one. Stigu has lived a little, this much we do know, and has had a few rough edges knocked off along the way. This creature has worked lived, loved, laughed, failed, fallen over and got up again. Sound like anyone you know?


And the other good news is, Stigu is not going to ask you to give up anything: booze, fags, junk food, losing your temper, vegging out in front of the TV- whatever your ‘thing’ is – carry on. It is up to you what you put into your mind and body, because (unless you are currently being taken hostage) you have the choice to do what you want. And Stigu is not here to tell you to stop. Just to be willing to try new things. Easy things. That you can actually stick to.

This is how it can be used on weekly basis:

  1. Put weekly to-do lists on the left side (yes that’s what all the empty space is for).
  2. Make sure you add things you have already done so you can cross them out straight away.
  3. Fill in meetings and commitments on the right side.
  4. Use the empty pages for extra notes.
  5. Try out the practices.
  6. Stick to Stigu.

People much cleverer than us can prove that nearly half of Western humanity suffers poor sleep from time to time. Even more of us suffer the ill effects of excess stress, worry and fatigue. We are Generation Exhausted. And it’s not lack of information. We are constantly bombarded with what we SHOULD be doing, and do you know what? It doesn’t really help. We know how we should eat, sleep and exercise. But we are only human – and that stuff is DULL. And we don’t need to transform into a different person. Imagine a world of drones that all floss their teeth, eat spirulina, and go to the gym five times a week. YAWN. Look, change is hard, we get it. But just tiny tweaks can be enough for a massive shift. With Stigu you’ll learn that a bit of planning, playing and resting just might be enough…and do you know what? You are OK.

ALERT 1: Stick to Stigu is a sociable creature, so take it with you wherever you go, and introduce it to your friends and colleagues.

ALERT 2: Feedback is warmly welcomed – we would love to hear how Stigu has stirred up your life, and what you would like to see in next year edition.

ALERT 3: If Stigu got you thinking, perhaps you know someone who would benefit from a gift wrapped copy?

Yours sincerely,

Stigu & the gang



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