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Blogger Jenny

I love the look of this Planner. I love that each page has a perforated edge which you can remove when the week is over. I also like the motivational quotes and little facts dotted around the pages.

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This is not just any ordinary planner, its also an organiser, desk calender, notebook, to do list and a rest and zest handbook. I’m so looking forward to having all my blog plans for the week ahead all structured in one simple planner, i will also Stick To Stigu and follow the weekly practices to get a little zen in my life too!

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I like that there are several big spaces on each day, so I can dedicate a space to each part of my life. For example, blog commitments, the boys’ activities, appointments or family errands that I need to run. There is lots of big space on the opposite page for me to write my weekly to-do lists; I don’t know about you but I get a real sense of achievement whenever I cross something off my list!

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Stigu planners offer a double-page spread for each week of the year. On the right-hand side is a pretty sizable space to jot down all of your plans for the week, with each day split into five smaller boxes; I like this layout as it means I can split the day into smaller chunks of time. On the right-hand side is a blank page to be filled with tasks, plans, doodles, or whatever else takes your fancy. My favourite element of the Stigu planner though, is the little notes and prompts on the bottom of each blank page, which encourage you to work on one little change or behaviour each week in order to improve your general wellbeing

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Each month has a new theme but it also has a new style. For stationary addicts like myself this is fantastic as I know the change in font and layout will make it feel like regularly having a new diary!
What I particularly like about it is that the weekly key dates are already noted (I cannot stress how handy this would have been in my last job where the social media squad had a monthly responsibility to make a list of all these occasions!). In addition to this there’s also inspiring quotes dotted around – perfect for injecting you with a little dose of that ‘can-do’ attitude!

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Angela Webster

Throughout the year it offers up healthy advice on how to stay sane whilst juggling life. Stigu understands that you are human and you need balance so gives tips on how to plan hard, play hard and rest hard. The result of all of the above is a life coach style workbook/weekly planner that manages to squeeze in so much without feeling like hardwork. It’s early days but I can see myself getting along with Stigu like a house on fire!

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Well this year, Stigu have taken all that pressure off me and sent through their rather fabulous 2016 planner. It’s a week per page only on the right side with each day divided up into 5 squares/shapes, this I love! In my organised world each column will be assigned per plan – be it a blog, parent, son, appointment, random! For that Stigu, I thank you!On the left is a huge plan section for notes, reminders, waiting on deliveries, for whatever and this saves me writing on my diary side [It can’t just be me that that bothers?]! If the planner came with a set of stickers to use – I’d probably pee my pants!

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I love how it encourages you to take time out and just chill and look after yourself a bit more which is one of my New Years Resolutions. I really recommend reading the Stick to Stigu blog as it has some great posts on mindfulness and staying organised and being calm!

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I have never been a HUGE loved of stationery. In all honesty, I’ve never seen the point. Until now. As well as a week on each page there’s also an empty page opposite so that I can write a to do list, fill it with post-it notes or even doodle. It’s a really useful space and it can be anything you want it to be. My Stick to Stigu planner is now constantly with me when I’m working and scheduling in any work. Thanks to Stick to Stigu I am improving my blog work-life balance this year. If you’re a blogger and have never had a paper planner then you should get one – I can’t recommend this one enough.

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Stigu have pretty much reinvented the concept of a planner by incorporating monthly themes, little mantras, things to think about, inspiring illustrations, and fun, easy to stick to practices for not just organising your time, but also your lifestyle. There’s plenty of room for notes, sketches, or general ramblings, allowing you to keep track of everything that matters to you.

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