Helena BIO

Helena Lindfors: founder and editor.

Mobile: +44 75 000 84657




Before creating Stigu, I worked as a senior director in a high tech corporation for more than 15 years in the field of global and regional marketing. Besides loving challenges (the bigger the better) I love to collaborate to bring new ideas to life so if you have an innovative idea, no matter how quirky, call me! When life brought me close to physical burn-out I started looking ‘outside the box’ for ways to restore myself to full health, and this is where the idea of Stigu began to germinate. Fast forward a few years, Stigu has arrived, and I am doing the things that make me happy: writing, cuddling and walking with Väinö (my dog), running outside (got off ONE treadmill NOT getting on another….) restorative yoga, summer in the Finnish archipelago, spring in an English bluebell forest, chocolate (goes without saying), and sleep. Having a love-hate relationship with sleep has turned into a passion for sleeping, (check out my website I am Finnish, and despite having studied and lived in Sweden, the Netherlands and Switzerland I have ended up settling my family in Surrey, England, which apparently makes me ‘Finglish’ according to my co-author and yoga teacher Michelle.

Michelle BIO

Michelle Chand: partner and co-author. Yoga Teacher.

Mobile: +447821 535540




Before training to be a yoga teacher I had been a full-on Mum and had a string of jobs, none of which I would put on a CV if I was hoping to be employed by anyone. I met Helena about 8 years ago ostensibly as her yoga teacher, but in truth we were teaching each other about how to juggle stress and survive. In those years, the idea of Stigu had taken root, and I was dead excited to help Helena bring her creation into the world with the aid of my yoga knowledge and reasonable typing skills (three fingers on each hand have to look at keyboard not screen).

What makes me happy? Gardening (yes I am over 40) doing and teaching yoga (BEST job in the world) learning sign language, losing it at a festival after a pint of wine and KNOWING the world must see me dance, walking outside in nature, watching the birds, and as it turns out, writing. I was born here in the UK, and have thus far failed to escape, currently living in Surrey with my kids and guinea pigs, and speak fluent Finglish.



Eeva Raitio: illustrator and designer.

Mobile: +358505117327




Before I found myself doodling stickman, cats and bunnies without a body, I worked as a principal designer in a high tech corporation for 15 years in the field of trends, colors and materials. Nowadays, in addition to that I draw creatures, I love to work with any challenge related to color and material design, visual brand design and interior design projects. I am an excellent sleeper, however my sleeping time differs from most people as for me the most productive working time of the day is between 8 p.m. and 5 a.m. – in a good sugar rush after consuming a fair amount of sugar coated candies. While doodling, Stigu has taught me some valuable tips how to take a break from working. My walking meditation is a speedy version practised with walking sticks and I’m an absolute fan of nappuchinos! What makes me happy are everyday adventures, insects and a good cup (or two) of coffee in my mornings. I’m a Fin and besides speaking perfect finglish, I’m pretty good in speaking a very bad Japanese.



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