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Twist of life

When your neck and maybe whole body feels stiff and doesn’t rotate easily and effortlessly from side to side, do this simple Stigu practice and follow these steps: Stand with feet hip distance apart, toes pointing forward. Bend your knees mildly. Allow the lower back to lengthen downward. Spine, neck and head extending upward. Shoulders relaxed, chest open; arms relaxed, hanging down like spaghetti that just went past the “al dente”. Start twisting your chest right and left. Allow the…

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The new you

New year, new you! However, what about a gentle beginning this time? Compassion and self-acceptance are essential for your renewal, so no more beating yourself up! Practice: The new you Stick to: When you have half an hour to yourself Get some paper and pencil. Start to think about the qualities you think you would benefit from having more of in your life, e.g. courage, strength, patience, equanimity, kindness. Pick out the most important three and memorise the list. Stand up barefoot.…

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1 minute morning challenge that boosts your zest for the whole day

As the longer daylight hours turn our thoughts to Spring and start to bring up our energy (and our mood hopefully), it is the perfect time to try out new short morning routines: one of our favourites is “Have a Knees Up”. Embedding short zest practices into your day (just 1 minute at a time) can give just the extra oooomph that can change your mindset at the beginning of the day and leave you feeling energised and more optimistic.…

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