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Rave reviews and Stigu love from Amazon:

Fabulous planner and great gift for friends

I can’t wait to start using this planner! I am very particular about what I want from a diary/planner and this one manages to tick lots of boxes. There is space to write in multiple events on one day, each page is a week to view with the opposite page having room for notes as well as inspirational and thought provoking one liners, quotes, practices and suggestions for ways to improve daily life. I like that each page has a corner to tear off which means it will be easy to find your page in the diary. At the back there are blank pages for what ever you want to use them for, shopping lists, to do lists, journal note taking and there is a pocket at the back too! An when you thought that wasn’t enough there are yearly planners for 2016 and 2017 with a small space for a note or comment. Finally there are lovely drawings of Stigu all the way through which make you smile. What more could you want from a planner! I can’t wait to start using it and it has been a great gift from friends too – sharing the Stigu love! – Karen Wilson

Best diary I have had

I had this given to me as a gift. I have always used diary before but had student style ones. I love this one, I am such a busy person and fill my days fast then end up exhausted. What this diary does is different to others I have used because it gives me gentle reminders to look after myself too. It’s funny and nurturing and a bit like a daily hug in diary form. I like all the space there is to jot lists and all the stuff I need to remember so that I no longer need to carry a note pad around, it’s all there in one place. A fabulous diary that I would, and have highly recommended. – Lisa Macintyre

Practical, beautiful, fun and educational

I do not usually leave reviews but every so often something special comes along. This planner is practical, beautiful, fun and educational. I can see it being great to use as well as helping live my life a bit better. Too many planners are dull or just a bit too crazy. This planner aims to do much more and achieves it! – John Cullen

A top organiser for a busy mother!

Having not had a diary/planner for some time, I have been relying on the calendar in the kitchen,which just isn’t sufficient anymore. Being a busy home educating mum of two small ones, I thought it was about time I got myself a lot more organised! It’s a good size, well laid out, lots of space for all the family’s commitments and lists and notes, and most importantly lots of gentle reminders from Stigu to nurture myself. I like that the design changes throughout, it’s different, it’s stylish. The pocket in the back is a great idea too, so I don’t loose all those ‘important pieces of paper’ in my handbag. I have been wanting an organiser for some years now and finally I’ve found something that fits the bill, and isn’t too ‘worky’. A definite improvement to my daily life, I can’t wait to start using it in January. I like it so much I bought one for my good friend who is also incredibly busy and I think she’s going love it too! Krishna

Planning Hard with Stigu!

My Stick to Stigu arrived and I love it! This is the tool to fix our family’s schedules once and for all. I’ve told my children to include their own additions, and this way we finally have everything in one place. Plus we can write notes to each other on the left page. And it’s a great memory for later on when you want to take a look at those crazy busy days. – Niina Kram

Best diary I’ve ever had!!!

I love planning ahead, so I’ve already starting adding notes to my new diary and important dates etc… But I found myself reading all the wonderful quotes and relaxation anecdotes and healthy recipes etc… I’m looking forward to 2016 more than ever!!! – Natalie Ross

Fabulous upbeat planner

Lovely cool looking planner with upbeat tips for throughout the year. Brilliant way of helping you stay focused on keeping fit and sane as well as remembering the date the dog needs worming! My 17 year old daughter has already requested one. Thanks for creating such a unique, well thought out and well-needed product. Fantastic. – Drew Wilson

Fantastic, stylish planner

This is an absolutely lovely planner, full of little pieces of advice how to relax and be good to yourself, positive funny pictures, inspirational quotes and more. Lovely and stylish layout too. It somehow has a very refined and positive feel. I can already think of a number of friends who will enjoy it as a present too! – Marina Koytcheva

Great planner and family organiser

I have been looking for a family organiser/planner for years and this one is perfect (and I have tried many)! On each opening is a one week view with five columns on one side that I can use for each family member and their acitivities. One the other side a whole blank page for notes, shopping lists and to do lists. And I love the great tips and practises with fun illustrations throughout the book that should help me to have more quality time for myself in the otherwise so busy life. It also has the essential current year planner and one for next year. Lots of blank pages at the back that I will use for making notes when booking holidays, planning birthday parties, buying for presents etc. And Stick to Stigu will be on the Christmas present list for friends and family. – Sari Negus

This can be the start of the digital-detox era. Let’s all hope so.

So it begins. Not just a new year but the beginning of the digital-detox era. This is a great, solid yearly planner that offers some friendly guidance and reminders about the importance of what’s really importance. Some of the great advice includes suggestions that the user put aside their smartphones and tablets now and again. The timing for this couldn’t be better as more experts are warning about device addiction — something we all know is a problem. In this way, Stigu is working an intervention into our daily lives. I don’t want time to go any quicker, but “Stick to Stigu” is a reason to look forward to 2016. Breath out, relax and welcome back to the analogue world. This is where we all belong. – Peter Bryer

Cute and funny drawings accompanied by mini-exercises that can change your life …

Cute and funny drawings accompanied by mini-exercises that can change your life for good. Every week looks different, just like in real life. There is enough space to write down weekly notes and empty pages to set free you imagination. Lovely gift to delight both, your friends and yourself. – Elise Levanto


I love this Stigu planner – it makes me smile each time I use it. It is solid and well put together with varied styles of “week to view” with each day split into sections making it simple and versatile: you can use it to split your own day or to use a column per family member etc. It also fully folds back on itself allowing it to be left open on the current week as you use it. I particularly like the Stigu weekly practice ideas (my birthday week is cat nap practice time – no problem there!) plus I like the fact that it is big enough to make proper notes in with a very useful section at the back with plenty of blank pages for lists and jottings to keep everything in one place. – Jenny

A delightful planner, with fun illustration, accessible tips and clear layout for planning, playing and resting hard.

This delightful planner arrived this week. I love the fun illustration, accessible tips and the clear layout! The only trouble is that I have to wait until the new year to start to play hard with this! Looking forward to it, a great planner! – Elisa


Great Stuff

I have always wondered, why planners are so boring. Stigu is totally the opposite, fun and inspiring. It will be used by the whole family. Great stuff! – Mika Häyrinen

My new best friend!

This might just have to be my new best friend for 2016. I love the cute Stigu and all the various poses illustrating every page of the planner. Whilst I organise my life electronically having this planner will be a perfect accessory. My favourite week is w/c June 20th – All work and no play makes Stigu into a psychopath!! I love it. As described on page 1 – this is a year planner with a twist. That sums it up. You get the sense it was written by someone who’s really thought through how to be efficient. – Amanda

Best planner ever!

Funny, caring, helpful, nice, practical! Planner has excellent quality and content is well thought. Illustrations are amazing and make me laugh. Looking forward to next year, we will have a lot of fun with STIGU. – AT


Have one myself and getting more to give away as a gift !!! JUST LOVELY WITH STIGU – who is so ADORABLE !!!! – Sanna Takala

Finally something NEW

This is a great planner with a twist! I got it amongst the first and every week is opened with not only to-do for tasks, but also with to-do for my own well-being. Cannot wait to open the new year with Stigu. And easiest new year resolution ever, Stick to Stigu! – Mikko Pyykkö

I love it and I’m sure my non-paper diary friends will …

I love it and I’m sure my non-paper diary friends will be enticed back to a proper format! A happy and thoughtful planner that will bring a smile to your face and order to your life. Great for presents too. – Clare

I’ve never seen anything like this before

I’ve never seen anything like this before. Maybe because I have based my existence on e-calendars. Now it’s time for new lifestyle with better work-life balance. I like the unconventional week view design! – Riitta K. Nieminen

Stigu is here!

Stigu is the best planner ever. It has much more room to write than conventional planners and I love the to-do-list space next to the weekly planner. Stigu gives out fun, helpful and relaxed advice and the illustrations are great. I can’t wait to start using my new planner in 2016. (In fact, I just had to scrible in a few notes already.) – Anu Kojonen

A fantastic present or treat for yourself!

This is a brilliant product!! Well laid out as a planner, but for me the best bits are the tips. There are so many useful ways to de-stress, whilst acknowledging that no-one is perfect. It’s done in a way that’s achievable, unlike other publications. Bought one for myself, then liked it so much that I’ve bought several others for friends who will benefit. If you need a last minute present, this will tick the box for many people. What are you waiting for? Buy one now!! – Wurzel

I love my ‘Stick to Stigu’ Diary!

It is a fantastic concept – there is not much out there to give practical advice on a weekly basis of self -care. I really like the clear and modern graphics, plenty of space to write in and it’s tone is informative and humorous. Any future plans for a wall calendar/planner (and keep the same level of information)? I am going to change the family routine to use the diary as a family planner – and everyone will have to read ‘Stick to Stigu’. – Nuala

Love it and can’t wait to have STIGU as my …

Love it and can’t wait to have STIGU as my companion for 2016. It’s an easy to use and useful guide, fun and full of wisdom. Definitely buying more and give it to friends as a Christmas present. Would recommend to anyone. Well done – something new and different. Siegi

Great service, lovely book

I bought this book primarily for myself but with the aim of seeing whether it might serve as a gift too. The package arrived quickly and in great condition. The book itself is well laid out, plenty of space for adding things. I love the stigu character! I had to stop myself from sneaking a peek each week! I can think of a few friends that might be getting this book in their Christmas stocking. – Jo Warburton

Five Stars

A great planner with lots of words of wisdom and fun drawings. – M. A. Turner

Great planner to use – great gift to give!

This is wonderful! Great planner for everyday use. I love Stigu already; nice and funny character. Easy to use planner. Useful tips and advises. Waiting to have this in real use! – Tiina

The planner for bloggers

As a blogger this planner is everything I need and more. I love the format and it has plenty of space for me to write everything down I need. I love the perforated edges on the page corner that you tear off when the weeks over. It makes flicking over the the right week so easy. I love all the blank pages at the back Ann the handy pocket. – Mandy

Stigu – I like how s/he is introduced

Stigu – I like how s/he is introduced, I like the paper quality, I like how well it is thought – there is a lot to help me with my life, but not too much! And now I wish 2016 could start ASAP so that I could start using it! 🙂 Thank you for being there for me Stigu! – yes – it’s a planner and much more – for us multitaskers.. 🙂 – Pia Erkinheimo

Perfect little planner

Well, what can I say? It does the job nicely. A perfect fit for anyone looking for a solid, no-nonsense planner with great advice on how to balance work, rest and play nicely. – Miika Kurtakko

A great idea

‘Stick to Stigu’ arrived this week and I was delighted when I looked through it, roll on 2016 I say, so I can check it is as good as it looks…practical, comical and helpful. – Julia Barker

This is great and something I have eagerly waited

This is great and something I have eagerly waited! Finally an organizer that can keep track of the whole family….and it’s fun too! – KN

Five Stars

Absolutely brilliant – what a fab idea, thank you Stigu & Co ! – Pip Jackson

It’s really VERY GOOD

A yearly planner with a winning formula for making the most of our precious time, delivered with wit, style and compassion. – B M Hurst


Great diary, cute quotes all the way through and a really helpful pocket in the back for bits of paper – Leanne Stevens

There’s a lot to like in this planner

There’s a lot to like in this planner: plenty of space to write (I really like the idea of having one column for each family member, suggested by someone here), helpful and easy practices and tips to make one feel better, big enough size so that you can store papers (bills etc.) between the planner, national holidays in different countries visible, the thickness of the covers is just right for the ring binding to work properly, etc. Can honestly recommend the planner to anybody who wants to have “everything in one place”.

I am keeping my Stigu for me!

Hello. My Stick to Stigu has arrived. I had purchased it as a gift for a friend, as I didn’t think it would be my sort of thing. Well I AM KEEPING IT FOR MYSELF. It made me smile. Even though it would be better if there was a two page view of a week instead of one, as I use my diary for: work and running a house, keeping track of appointments (Hospital/Doctors/Hair/Nail/Social Engagements etc). However I loved the quotes, the cartoons made me laugh out loud, I loved the rest and zest suggestions. I am a very busy woman, I run a house and a business, I look after kids and remember endless things for my husband that works away from home. I am not good at making time for myself. So, I am going to keep my Stick to Stigu Planner for me, to be my daily reminder to make space in my day to just be me. Thank you Stigu. – Karen Van Hoff

Five Stars

Inspirational: get organized and wind down at the same time 🙂 – Petra Saarinen

Fun Planner

good planner, beautifully presented, with great words of wisdom and creative illustrations. Makes a great present, too!


Just placed my order and can’t wait to start sticking to Stigu next year! Absolutely fantastic! – Kirsti Soanes

Five Stars

Great planner! it’s well structured and puts a smile on my face. Great gift item as well! – Marja Pihamaa


Superb, cool, useful and funny! More than i expected. – Tuuli

Five Stars

Great planner can’t wait to use it next year. – J. Dodd

Love it!

Given this by a friend and can’t wait to use it, I live by jotting notes and to do lists and love all the space on this for writing them! Can’t wait for the new year when I can start using it and trying out some of Stigu’s suggestions! – Miss Morwenna R Bradly

Five Stars

Love it! Can’t w ain’t to start using it! – Milda

A great gift idea for anyone still looking for a bit

A great gift idea for anyone still looking for a bit more work-life-balance – I have just the right person in mind 🙂

I like!

Stressless calender! What more can you wish? Makes you smile and think. I like!

. Five stars

Excellent and creative planning tool


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