Stigu Extras Bundle

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  • EXTRAS bundle for 25% off: put in the code “EXTRAS25” after your card details. Note: all Stigu products are Amazon PRIME eligible.
  • Best gift ever: these 3 products get most out of your Stigu planner, a great add-on to make your everyday planning fun.
  • Promise: you will fall in love with planning like never before – check out the reviews from our fans and bloggers.
  • Stigu Stickers give you 350 fun and functional stickers, to make your planner even more colourful and pretty than what it already is.
  • Stigu To-Do Pads come in a two-in-one package: The pink pad comes with handy sticky-notes feature and the brown one comes with a magnet on the back. Altogether 160 to-do lists to fill in. Super-handy everyday assistants to all list-lovers!


 To-do pads

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The Stigu extra bundle is a perfect little add-on for anyone who wants to thoroughly enjoy planning and spice up the Stigu planner. All Stigu products have been designed to work beautifully and effortlessly together. Put code “EXTRAS25” after your card details at Amazon.

Fun and functional stickers (350 altogether, 10 different sheets) make planning fun and your planner even more pretty than it already is . Stigu stickers come in all Stigu colours and complement the planner.

Stigu to-do pads (two-in-one package) are handy everyday assistants. The pink one comes with a useful sticky notes feature, so that you can attach the list onto your planner or any other notebook. The brown one comes with a magnet on back so that you can place is on your fridge. Both to-do pads have 80 sheets so altogether 160 to-do sheets for you to fill in.



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