If meditation isn’t working, try changing gear with restfulness

PART ONE by Michelle Chand Good excuses for staying stressed It is true that we would all benefit from learning to meditate though many of us will have at best a shaky idea of what it is or how to do it. Meditating essentially means being mindful of what is happening in the present moment, which sounds really simple, trite even? And yet, so few of us do it. Even the concept of meditation or mindfulness turns a lot of…

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Restfulness practice: Going up the wall (in a good way)

If you are a desk-jockey the chances are your back has ‘twinged’ at times…(and if it hasn’t, burn your chair now and save yourself!!) So this is a MUST-DO practice when you get home from work, it can be very very simple or you can get creative with cushions and blankets to make it even more comfortable. WARNING: may lead to a spontaneous nap. Switch off phone Put on some chilled music Take off restrictive clothing (belt/tie etc) Sit side…

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Welcome to Stick to Stigu!

Welcome to Stick to Stigu! OK, first things first: what or who is Stigu? To be honest we are not quite sure – we don’t even know if ‘it’ is male or female…so let’s dig deeper. Is Stigu: A Guru? Absolutely not. A therapist? Not that evolved! Perfect? Far from it… Have all the answers? No. A juggler? Absolutely yes. In short this is a year planner (with a twist). Stick to Stigu is many things in one cover: a…

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