Restfulness Practice: The Eye of the Storm

This restfulness practice is best done in a stressful place, tube train would be awesome (mid-rush hour) or traffic jam on M25……that kinda thang…… You will need the following: some very chilled music (check out Nils Frahm’s “Familiar” )playing on the car stereo or through your headphones, some stress, preferably a situation that you cannot escape from unless you have a jet pack or invisibility cloak. …….……..look around you……zoom right in on small details you can pick out…..the faces of…

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Desk detox practice: Leg lift

Forget having a face lift, have a leg lift instead! Greetings from Stigulandia! No time to get to the gym? How about using your office chair as your gym, so you can work out on company time? This week’s desk detox tip will help improve circulation, take a load off the heart, build leg strength, and also give you the guilty pleasure of visualising yourself kicking someone up the butt who has irritated you already this week…… Desk detox leg…

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If meditation isn’t working, try changing gear with restfulness

PART ONE by Michelle Chand Good excuses for staying stressed It is true that we would all benefit from learning to meditate though many of us will have at best a shaky idea of what it is or how to do it. Meditating essentially means being mindful of what is happening in the present moment, which sounds really simple, trite even? And yet, so few of us do it. Even the concept of meditation or mindfulness turns a lot of…

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