Rinse your spine

This little 2-minute-practice is a great start for a day: moving you spine lubricates all the joints in your back and helps keep your discs hydrated. Practise: Rinse your spine Stick to two minutes every morning When you first get out of bed in the morning, the discs between your spinal bones are a little plumper making the spine slightly stiffer than usual, so make a cuppa and potter around for ten minutes before you try this practice Get down…

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Nap Nirvana

When in Spain you do as… Stigu HQ has moved to the sunny Spain for a week and we will practise a little siesta every single day. As you might know a nap is most beneficial when it’s a daily routine rather than a one off, so do we even have a choice? It’s nap-time – again ;-)! Practice: Nap Nirvana Stick to 20-40 mins 1.Firstly and most importantly: recognise that you are not being lazy, you are recharging your batteries. 2.Have…

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The key to power napping

Some of us love napping, while some don’t get it at all but the fact is that your eyelids feel soooo much lighter after a quick nap. Power napping is all about charging our batteries in a shortest spell of time. Here’s one solid nap practice for the busy, time-deprived jugglers. Practice: The key to power napping Stick to when you need a super short nap Hold a key in your hand, or some other object that has some weight to it (not your…

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