Compassion fatigue

As the darkness of Autumn arrives and the woes of the world make you overwhelmed, why not to try out a compassion fatigue practice, this is how: Go for a walk Imagine that every step is driving a pump that is producing compassion With every step, feel your whole body filling with compassion Think of a place, a person or an animal in need of compassion Hold that place or person or animal in mind Visualise the object of your…

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Summer pleasure: ice tea with a twist

It’s summer, Friday and weekend – aaaah, a triple whammy. Now or never is the time for a guilt-free pampering moment. Tea is rich in flavonoids which possess considerable antioxidant power so why not to try out this ice tea recipe, comes with a twist of course ;-). Ingredients: 1 part (50 ml) rum 1 part (50 ml) iced tea 1 part (50 ml) lemon juice 1 lemon wedge Mix: Pour all the ingredients over cubed ice in a highball glass. Garnish…

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Rinse your spine

This little 2-minute-practice is a great start for a day: moving you spine lubricates all the joints in your back and helps keep your discs hydrated. Practise: Rinse your spine Stick to two minutes every morning When you first get out of bed in the morning, the discs between your spinal bones are a little plumper making the spine slightly stiffer than usual, so make a cuppa and potter around for ten minutes before you try this practice Get down…

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