Summer pleasure: ice tea with a twist

It’s summer, Friday and weekend – aaaah, a triple whammy. Now or never is the time for a guilt-free pampering moment. Tea is rich in flavonoids which possess considerable antioxidant power so why not to try out this ice tea recipe, comes with a twist of course ;-). Ingredients: 1 part (50 ml) rum 1 part (50 ml) iced tea 1 part (50 ml) lemon juice 1 lemon wedge Mix: Pour all the ingredients over cubed ice in a highball glass. Garnish…

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Rinse your spine

This little 2-minute-practice is a great start for a day: moving you spine lubricates all the joints in your back and helps keep your discs hydrated. Practise: Rinse your spine Stick to two minutes every morning When you first get out of bed in the morning, the discs between your spinal bones are a little plumper making the spine slightly stiffer than usual, so make a cuppa and potter around for ten minutes before you try this practice Get down…

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Nap Nirvana

When in Spain you do as… Stigu HQ has moved to the sunny Spain for a week and we will practise a little siesta every single day. As you might know a nap is most beneficial when it’s a daily routine rather than a one off, so do we even have a choice? It’s nap-time – again ;-)! Practice: Nap Nirvana Stick to 20-40 mins 1.Firstly and most importantly: recognise that you are not being lazy, you are recharging your batteries. 2.Have…

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The key to power napping

Some of us love napping, while some don’t get it at all but the fact is that your eyelids feel soooo much lighter after a quick nap. Power napping is all about charging our batteries in a shortest spell of time. Here’s one solid nap practice for the busy, time-deprived jugglers. Practice: The key to power napping Stick to when you need a super short nap Hold a key in your hand, or some other object that has some weight to it (not your…

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Spanish Siesta

A siesta is most beneficial when it’s a daily routine rather than a one off. (Your boss may not agree) Practice: Spanish Siesta Stick to 30 mins after lunch (works in any country) Find a couch or a comfy armchair (no bed!) Get yourself warm and settled. Pretend that you are in the Mediterranean. Put your phone on silent. Set a timer for half an hour. A short sleep after lunch can reduce stress, help cardiovascular functions, and improve alertness…

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Stretch your legs

Back pain is not usually linked to any serious disease, but can be debilitating and emotionally distressing. It can be triggered by bad posture while sitting or standing, bending awkwardly, or lifting incorrectly. Also tight hamstrings can pull on the back of your pelvis and aggravate back pain. Here’s a useful little practice to prevent back pains that according to studies affect over 10% of us. Practice: Stretch your legs Stick to: 5 minutes every other day Lie down on…

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Your comfort zone is your danger zone

The most dangerous place in the world for you to be is in your comfort zone. Yes, it’s cosy and familiar, but it can lead to stagnation. We need to stretch ourselves mentally and physically so that we make space in our lives for growth. Think about the things in your life that could do with a good stretch. Job getting boring? Social life non existent? Relationship due an M.O.T? Are you so stiff that putting your socks on has…

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Spiral bound

It can help to keep a journal of the changes you are planning to make, how you are preparing for those changes and what you hope to see, such as setting a date to quit smoking, and looking forward to having a better sense of smell and more energy. Log your ups (and downs) honestly in your journal and remember the importance of self-compassion when you are on a journey of renewal. When pathways are built into mountain sides, they…

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Think positive

Your thoughts create your universe: what kind of world are you making for yourself? Practice: Think positive Stick to: Every day for the rest of your life Transformation doesn’t happen overnight and we can be quite hard on ourselves when we have committed to make a change and progress is slow or we suffer setbacks. New research proves that self-compassion is essential for our renewal, so here is a little practice to get you on track. Notice when you catch…

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The new you

New year, new you! However, what about a gentle beginning this time? Compassion and self-acceptance are essential for your renewal, so no more beating yourself up! Practice: The new you Stick to: When you have half an hour to yourself Get some paper and pencil. Start to think about the qualities you think you would benefit from having more of in your life, e.g. courage, strength, patience, equanimity, kindness. Pick out the most important three and memorise the list. Stand up barefoot.…

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