How Stigu was born

When life brought the founder Helena close to physical burn-out seven years ago she met Michelle, one of the UK’s first yoga teachers specialised in therapeutic, restorative yoga.  In the following years, Helena was learning how to juggle stress, survive and re-enjoy life. The key has been to look ‘outside the box’ for ways to restore ourselves to full health and get our lives more organised yet restful. This is where the idea of Stigu began to germinate. Fast forward a few years and Eeva, our queen of pencils, and guest authors (Michelle Chand, Dr Nerina Ramlakhan, Patrik Borg) hopped on and Stigu was born.

About Stigu values

According to several studies it’s life’s little things that stress us most. We use enormous amount of time trying to remember all those tiny nagging must-dos and while doing that we forget our own needs and time to recharge our batteries. Stigu is here to do the both: to get our lives organised and energised. And simply – make planning fun and rewarding!

Many recent studies also reveal a surprising finding: our brains process and remember “stuff” differently when we actually write it down in an old-fashioned paper & pen way. Paper planners are a mega-trend in the US (they even talk about craze) and for a reason! Seeing the week plan on your desk at all times (and not buried under tens of other laptop programs and apps) is quite a different experience and makes daily planning and prioritising so much easier.

All Stigu products have a wellbeing twist: although all Stigu products exist to get us organised, they also aim to get us enough of rest and zest. On top of this: all Stigu products have lots of original content and illustrations. Our lead product, The Stigu Planner, is one-of-a-kind innovation with fresh content and illustrations every single week (nearly 60 original illustrations to be exact), something that really makes Stigu stand out from the crowd.

The Stigu family

Stigu products, whether paper or digital, are beautifully designed, up-beat and enjoyable to use, and designed specifically for those people with multiple responsibilities to juggle. The faux leather Stigu products are fun yet functional and perfect for businesses who wish their brand to relate to the benefits of wellbeing, for example as giveaways at events and conferences, or as team gifts.

For the 2017 season the Stigu family will get many new members: spiral-bound planners with two different cover designs, hardcover faux leather planners for on-the-go, hardcover faux leather notebook, to-do pad, sticker pad and an app. Three Stigu bundles make great gifts – either to yourself, your bestie or colleague!

The Stigu to-do app is the latest addition to the Stigu family. It’s a little everyday helper, a simple list and task manager app that helps stressed out jugglers get things done but also promotes strategies to boost energy and prioritise rest. Stigu makes it easy (and fun) to make and share lists, follow up deadlines, add images onto lists and last but not least SWIPE over completed to-dos. It’s always in your pocket and complements other Stigu products.

The Stigu Planner in short

It’s an annual planner, a to-do pad, a notebook and a diary but here is the twist. Embedded within the planner is a guidebook on how to prioritise self-care. We call this our ‘Rest and Zest handbook’ as it contains practices designed to help people recharge and boost their energy levels. Stigu delivers the message with humour and compassion, through no-nonsense tips, practices, provoking quotes and inspiring illustrations. The message is that juggling a hectic schedule is possible if a good plan is in place as well as solid self-care practices and steady energy levels.

Is Stigu for me?

Stigu avoids being limited to a demographic target group by acknowledging that all kinds of people can have a hectic schedule: students, parents, business people, retired folk, and that often people have more than one role to fulfil and must find a way to juggle kids and a career, creativity and responsibility, studying and paying the rent, or whatever it is in their life that they feel would benefit from a better balance. In this age of information overload, most of us know what we should be doing to help ourselves but often don’t know how to start or where to find the energy.

Why is it that we feel so stressed, burned-out, sleep deprived and exhausted when we are constantly being told that life is easier than it has ever been here in the West? The truth is, life isn’t easier. The stresses we face today are very different from previous generations, and not as easy to spot. Research and statistics bear testament to the fact that people are struggling with unprecedented levels of stress and it is impacting on the health of the population in a way that cannot be ignored.

Love for small steps

Here at Stigu HQ we are all about taking small steps to create balance: whether this is in the form of one-sentence-journaling (instead of trying to write a novel), taking a short walk (instead of training for a marathon) or eating an extra carrot a day (instead of trying to go vegan overnight). Small steps lead to gradual but lasting change for the better and they are realistic: all of the practices are bite-sized and can fit into the reality of an already overcrowded schedule.

Last but not least

And most importantly, getting organised, rested and inspired does not have to be DULL! Stigu shares strategies that encourage thinking ‘outside the box’, and shows that juggling a busy life is not only possible, but can be rewarding, fun and creative.

As a final note, feedback is warmly welcomed – we would love to hear how Stigu has stirred up your life, and what you would like to see in next years’ edition.

Stigu & the gang x




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